The Mount Gox Command Line Interface


What is the Mount Gox Command Line Interface aka mgcli

It is a command line tool to interact with the Bitcoin exchange Mount Gox. The command mgcli sellbtc 3.6 4,55 puts the order of selling 3.6 Bitcoin for the price of 4,5$ per BTC. With mgcli orders it shows you all your orders. The output of mgcli help looks like this:

  Mount Gox Command Line Interface V0.7

  syntax: mgcli <command> [options]
  available commands:
    cancelorder <oid>
    buybtc <amount> [price]   (amount in BTC, price (optional) in USD)
    sellbtc <amount> [price]   (amount in BTC, price (optional) in USD)
    history <currency=BTC|USD>
    depth (only USD)
    trades (only USD)

  LIABILITY: The author of this program does not assume any liability for any
  effects caused by this program. Use it on your own responsibility.

  Get updates and more information at:
  Submit bug reports and feedback at:

  If this program is useful to you, consider a Bitcoin donation to:

You got the point.

What it is not?

It is not a trading bot or a tool to support you decision making. You can just lots of the things you can do at fast and easy with a scala-based command line tool.

Development backgrouds

After several years of of abstinence to software development I decided to programm something interesting. One spin off of this project is this hopefully helpful tool. I implemented it in Scala, a new and modern programming language. Is is also a programming exercise around bitcoin, something i am very interested in.

Scala is running at the Java Virtual Machine and can use java libraries. A new and modern language with tons of working libraries.


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