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New Version mgcli V0.8 released


I made some smaller improvements and bugfixes:

  • The command interpreter is now editable in mgcli.xml. Use the two commandInterpreter tags to define the command interpreter. With this improvement mgcli should run on non-Windows systems.
  • Some smaller corrections and formatting regarding the text output.

Download the new version here.


The Mount Gox Command Line Interface


What is the Mount Gox Command Line Interface aka mgcli

It is a command line tool to interact with the Bitcoin exchange Mount Gox. The command mgcli sellbtc 3.6 4,55 puts the order of selling 3.6 Bitcoin for the price of 4,5$ per BTC. With mgcli orders it shows you all your orders. The output of mgcli help looks like this:

  Mount Gox Command Line Interface V0.7

  syntax: mgcli <command> [options]
  available commands:
    cancelorder <oid>
    buybtc <amount> [price]   (amount in BTC, price (optional) in USD)
    sellbtc <amount> [price]   (amount in BTC, price (optional) in USD)
    history <currency=BTC|USD>
    depth (only USD)
    trades (only USD)

  LIABILITY: The author of this program does not assume any liability for any
  effects caused by this program. Use it on your own responsibility.

  Get updates and more information at:
  Submit bug reports and feedback at:

  If this program is useful to you, consider a Bitcoin donation to:

You got the point.

What it is not?

It is not a trading bot or a tool to support you decision making. You can just lots of the things you can do at fast and easy with a scala-based command line tool.

Development backgrouds

After several years of of abstinence to software development I decided to programm something interesting. One spin off of this project is this hopefully helpful tool. I implemented it in Scala, a new and modern programming language. Is is also a programming exercise around bitcoin, something i am very interested in.

Scala is running at the Java Virtual Machine and can use java libraries. A new and modern language with tons of working libraries.