Download mgcli.rar from here. Extract the archive.

Operating system

I developed and tested it on Windows XP. Propably it will run on Linux and other systems, too. On my system it is running errorless, fine and fast.


To use mgcli you have to enter your Mount Gox Api Key into the configuration file. It is imaginable that mgcli transfers this information to me. You have three options to handle this possibility:

  1. You can disable withdraw rigth from the Mount Gox Api Key. And than simply trust me and use the compiled classes in the mgcli.jar file.
  2. You can monitor the network traffic of mgcli with some tool.
  3. Most secure solution: You can download the original required libraries, check the mgcli sources  and compile everything by yourself.


  1. The Scala Distribution.You can download it here. The Scala Distribution requires a Java, maybe you have to download this, too. The Scala Distribution works similar to the Java Developmen Kit.
  2. PHP. The java httpclients I have tried did not do for me what the documentation promised. So I decided for fast results to use the Mount Gox php script.

Installation steps

Momentary only on windows.

  1. Install java, if necessary.
  2. Install Scala
  3. Install PHP, if necessary.
  4. Extract the archive. Move it to where you want.
  5. Create a Mount Gox Api Key.
  6. Edit the mgcli.bat. The comments will tell you, what to do.
  7. Edit the mgcli.xml. Enter the Api Key data. The tag names will speak for themselves
  8. Put the path to mgcli.bat into your path enviroment variable.